For some people Christmas decorating is about tradition and formality, while for others it’s about fun and frivolity. This room has a bit of both. Traditional elements combine with rustic accessories and clever displays to create a sense of casual fun. Notice the hats hanging in the shape of a tree with a star on top? It’s this kind of clever display idea that adds a sense of playfulness to the season.

Old-fashioned sleigh bells attached to your front door handle can create a classic, festive feel, and alert you to arrivals at a busy party. Bells or strung lights can also be added to pine boughs on the walls or banisters, or serve as the final touch on the mantelpiece. For a warm and festive lighting treatment, fill glass containers with strings of holiday lights inconspicuously plugged into a nearby outlet, to add ambiance and glow without the risks associated with burning candles.

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