DIY Projects to Avoid

Often time, we think we are confident enough to tackle home improvements and repair projects ourselves. It is something great I agree. Everyone wants to utilize the skills and save the associated cost, if possible easily. Yet, sometimes we often encounter the situations that are better to leave on a pro.

So What Makes A Non-DIY Project?

Well, a lot of factors are behind that, ranging from lack of technical know-how to hazardous risks associated with the project if you do it yourself.

The DIY Questions – Letting you decide if the project is DIY or not

Pleasant weather has pleasant effect on many homeowners. Mild breezes and cool temperatures in Spring put you in the mood to handle your home improvements projects you have been putting off all summer or winter long.

But, before you dive into it, Assess it!

Before you decide to jump into the project, always take a moment to think and assess it. You should be able to figure out if you can really handle it yourself before you bite it off more than you can chew.
Have a look at some DIY indicators/questions as a starting point:

Are you smart enough to handle Inspections & Codes?

Does your home improvement project need inspection? Is there a need to meet county or city codes? Unless your answer is no, it is advised to assess it further. You may indeed be highly motivated, yet codes are often trickier to handle than you think. One wrong step would incur you a thousand dollars’ cost.

Do you have relevant technical Knowledge?

Determine if the project requires technical knowledge. For instance, knowledge possessed by plumbers and technicians. Many home improvement projects not just require you to be aware of local codes, but also the knowledge regarding proper plumbing and wiring. Usually, it is recommended to leave plumbing and wiring projects to the plumber, as a wiser and safer option.

Does the project require expertise?

If your project needs a world of expertise, call a pro. Practical expertise is something only a professional technician having hands-on experience in these projects, can provide.

What are your limitations?

If the project is big and comprehensive enough to go beyond your tool supply, think of why you are lacking those tools. Is buying those tools is more cost-effective than spending money on a pro? Are you confident enough to use them safely once you buy them? Always examine your limitations before starting working on the project.

What are the DIY Projects that should generally be avoided?

Electrical Projects:
Damaged wiring repair and rewiring projects are dangerous to experiment. If you lack expertise and knowledge of proper precautions, these may even turn out to be life-taking.

Plumbing Projects:
Unclogging your drain is different from pipes tampering that may lead to overflow, uncontained burst and flood. In such situations, save yourself, save water and save your property by hiring a pro HDB plumber.

Tree Removal
Cutting even just few tree branches is also risky. The task requires climbing and using sharp tools at heights. This apparently simple looking task should be done by an experienced gardener.

Roof Repairs & Fix
Working up at roof, which is your home’s highest elevation point, is risky. Just a minor slip or misstep can put you in great trouble. Improper roof fix also puts your home structure in danger. If any roof issue is suspected, it is advised to call a pro contractor.

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