Cleaning Tips

The Benefits of a Pre-Christmas Clean

For some people Christmas decorating is about tradition and formality, while for others it’s about fun and frivolity. This room has a bit of both. Traditional elements combine with rustic accessories and clever displays to create a sense of casual fun. Notice the hats hanging in the shape of a tree with a star on top? It’s this kind of…

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Complete Office Cleaning Solutions

As your complete commercial cleaning company, we can provide for all of your needs for office cleaning in NY City. From weekly cleaning to total floor maintenance and window washing, we are proud to offer comprehensive solutions that keep your working space looking its best. We appreciate and respect the importance of your daily business routine, so we work around…

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How Do You Choose A Carpet Cleaner?

Choosing a quality carpet cleaning company goes beyond opening the phone book or conducting a random Internet search. Your carpeting is one of your home’s best assets, so you want to hire an experienced professional who will do the job right. Consider the following tips before hiring a carpet cleaning company.Homeowners have several options when it comes to choosing the…

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How To Avoid Ruining Your Carpet

Carpet can last at least 10 years with the proper care. However, there are many things that can ruin your carpet and shorten its lifespan. Habits To Avoid Not Vacuuming Regularly If vacuuming is not something that is on your weekly chore list, then it will only be a matter of time before you ruin your carpet. Dirt will get…

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7 Carpet Cleaning Secrets

1. Blot Stains – Don’t Scrub Or Rub If you need to tackle a spillage, simply blot the spill or stain from the outside-in using a clean cloth or paper towel. Don’t be tempted to scrub or agitate the stain as this can damage the carpet fibres and cause the stain to spread to the surrounding area. 2. Never Use…

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Are Your Dirty Carpets Making You Sick?

Most people only get their carpets professionally cleaned when they look dirty to the naked eye. But the most important reason why you should be keeping your carpets clean is not actually for aesthetic reasons, but for health. While most people are usually pretty good at minimizing obvious health risks in the home (turning off the oven, keeping young children…

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